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based in Chicago with nationwide service.
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We Use Technology To Create Amazing Media

Utilizing the most advanced technology available to make captivating photo and video marketing content.
This includes drones, full size helicopters, hand held camera stabilization systems and industry leading post production for that extra layer of class your clients demand.

When you market properties with the very best photo and video content more people show interest in you and your listing.

Get more leads, faster closing times and the top dollar for your listings more often!

Commercial Real Estate Experts
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What We Do

Aerial Assistant is a leading provider of video production and photography content for the commercial real estate industry. We use the latest technology to create content that stands out from the crowd.

We are storytellers that use drones, cameras and media production software as our tools to bring your project to life.

The Process

From the air we capture aerial photos and video footage with drones and full size helicopters.

From the ground we take interior and exterior still photos, time lapse shots and video footage to highlight the property in every aspect.

Then our post production team takes the raw media and tailors it to your needs.